At the beginning of this year, 2021, we will open our first foreign factory in Massanes, Spain!


Despite the holidays in August we continue working on our factory in Massanes. The exterior is almost finished, inside we work on the installations of our equipment


Our team in Massanes has worked constructively! At the end of July the outside is completely finished, inside it looks good too. It is becoming more and more a real Huijbregts Groep production site.


Due to the corona crisis the construction has unfortunately been stopped for two weeks, but this has no impact on the planned end date. When construction resumed, our team in Spain worked extra hard to avoid delays. Last week the cargo lift was placed with a crane with a height of 60 meters. The last panels for the warehouse are currently being produced, they will be placed at the end of May and the warehouse will be finished. 


On the 9th of January 2020 the first four blenders arrived in Spain, in total 16 blenders are being brought to the Spanish factory. The blenders are expected to be installed at the end of March.


We started building our new factory in May 2019 and we are on track! The walls of the office have already been built, the first staircases have been placed and the first columns of the production department are already in the ground. These are about 26 meters high! This month (January) the first machines and blending lines will be transferred from Helmond to Spain.

44.000 m2 of land has been purchased. Currently there is 22.000 m2 under construction, so we have plenty of opportunities to expand.  The factory will be an exact copy of a production location in Helmond. With the new location we can serve customers faster and save on transportation costs.

We start initially with around ten employees. In the long run, we expected to have around 100 employees.