Concern for people and the environment has been key to us for three generations now,  as you will see from our CSR policy. We are currently taking steps to see how we can add an HR component to our quality systems. This will put us in a position to care for our people even better - and we will require the same of our suppliers as well.  We want our concern for the environment to benefit people from outside the company too.

Our concern for people
• Our certification on the highest step - step 3! - of the performance ladder for improved social entrepreneurship (Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen) has been renewed again;
• At our business school, employees are able to do MBO (senior secondary vocational education) 2, 3 and 4 courses and Dutch language lessons;
• Employees are also able to do external courses and training courses;
• We are involved in social projects organised by Brainport, the education sector, Senzer and JetNet, amongst others;
• We have an active employee association, which also organises family outings!

Our concern for the environment
• We are planning to install 20,000 m2 of solar panels;
• We use electric vehicles;
• Our offices are heated gas-free;
• Customers of Huijbregts Groep benefit from efficient transport management and a reduction in heavy-goods-vehicle kilometres; so, CO2 emissions are reduced too.