The greatest compliment for an employer

Great colleagues, more challenge and a nice company culture. These are all reasons for employees to return to their old employer. Although that sounds crazy to some, it happens almost every year at Huijbregts Groep. 

Reasons to leave
Employees' reasons for leaving a company certainly don't always have to be negative. Maybe it is your first job and you are curious about other companies. Others choose to go in a different direction or want to try a new industry. However, it also happens that employees need more challenge that the current employer cannot provide. These are reasons to leave a company despite the nice colleagues and fitting corporate culture. 

Sustainable relationships at Huijbregts Groep
At Huijbregts Groep we strive for sustainable relationships with our employees. This means that we like to focus on employee retention. With this idea we set up the Huijbregts Groep business school, which among others offers internal language lessons. Huijbregts Groep also offers external training upon request of employees. In this way they can develop within the company and we always look for the desired challenge for them so they can stay with the company.

Besides offering these developments, it is important that employees feel good about themselves and that there is a good relationship between employer and employee, but also between colleagues. When Huijbregts Groep employees choose to work elsewhere, they usually leave with a good feeling. Often they keep in touch with former colleagues and it happens that they come back for a coffee later. This was also the case with Monique Elders-Hurkmans. We see her return as a great compliment and an enormous asset to our company.

The personal story and experience of coming back to Huijbregts Groep
12.5 Years ago Monique applied for the role of production employee, but her supervisors immediately saw the potential in her to become a team leader. Actually Monique came just a little too early, or maybe it was just in time? At that time our largest production hall was being built where she would later become team leader. This is where Monique always enjoyed working. "I had nice colleagues, there was always a good working environment and supervision, and the approachability created a family feeling." 

Nevertheless, Monique decided to leave Huijbregts Groep after 8 years. The reason for this was that at that time she could not develop further within the company so the challenge she needed became less and less. With a smile and a tear she said goodbye, looking for a new challenge.
Now, 12.5 years later, this challenge is found again at Huijbregts Groep. "I was still in contact with former colleagues and heard that they still talked about me regularly at work. Not much later I was invited for coffee by Willem Huijbregts". Meanwhile, the company has grown again, allowing Monique to take on a challenging and diverse range of tasks in her familiar role as team leader in production.

"It was like I never left. I have grown as a person in the meantime and that makes me stronger in my role." Monique sees herself taking her retirement at Huijbregts, because she says this is always possible if you want to work and you enjoy yourself. "If you are good for the company, they are good for you." Huijbregts is proud that Monique experiences it this way and is happy that she is coming to reinforce Huijbregts Groep again with her enthusiasm and positive work mentality.