Audits at Huijbregts Groep

In the food industry, food safety takes center stage, and it is governed by a multitude of procedures and regulations. Regular audits are conducted to assess whether companies, such as Huijbregts Groep, adhere to these regulations correctly. The scope of an audit can vary, from a specific section of the organization to the entire organization, depending on the audit's purpose. The findings of these audits determine the extent to which a company complies with the applicable standards.

Huijbregts Groep employs various types of audits. On one hand, there are general audits aimed at evaluating compliance with food safety protocols and associated procedures. Auditors, including those from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), examine both operational processes and the documentation recorded in our systems. These audits can occur either with prior notice or without, ensuring that our company is always prepared for inspection.

On the other hand, customer audits are conducted upon request from our (potential) clients, and these audits can have different approaches. Some clients emphasize food safety guidelines, similar to the NVWA. In such cases, clients may conduct the audit themselves or send external auditors on their behalf. Additionally, a (potential) client may be interested in gaining a deeper understanding of our organization and processes, leading to a more comprehensive audit. In addition to external audits, Huijbregts Groep places significant importance on internal assessments. Each aspect of our process undergoes annual internal audits conducted by specially trained personnel with the goal of evaluating our process for potential improvements.

The outcomes of these audits result in certifications such as FSSC and Riskplaza. Furthermore, we are certified according to SKAL, halal, and kosher standards. The organizations granting these certifications also inspect for 'good housekeeping,' assessing the extent to which our commitments are documented in our system. Our QA department leads the organization and execution of these audits. Is there anything special we do for these audits? No, because we continuously strive to maintain the highest quality and food safety standards, ensuring that we are always audit-ready. When auditors visit us, they receive a tour and have access to our system. During the tour, it is possible that auditors interview one or more operators. Additionally, topics related to administration, risk analysis procedures, policies, and traceability are discussed. The duration of an audit varies depending on its type, ranging from 30 minutes to several days. In summary, a variety of audits that underscore our ongoing commitment to quality and food safety.