Core values

Huijbregts Groep is an enterprising company. The company is sufficiently able to anticipate current and future market requirements. This is mainly due to the entrepreneurship of the Huijbregts family and the company's employees.

Huijbregts Groep is a dedicated service provider. The more than 200 employees like offering customers the best possible service with a smile.

Within Huijbregts Groep, innovation is a continual process. Wherever possible, new methods or systems are implemented in order to be able to provide even better, higher quality, more food safety conscious and more efficient services.

The in-house engineering and automation department searches continually for innovations to satisfy the continually changing wishes of customers and the market and increasingly stricter food safety requirements. Huijbregts Groep recently implemented 54 innovations and possesses 10 patents. Food safety, efficiency and quality form the starting points in this respect.

Huijbregts Groep is highly acclaimed for its alert response to developments in the ingredients market. The company's employees are continually pro-actively involved with the possibilities that the market offers and the related opportunities.

Quality and food safety
Food safety is a key priority for Huijbregts Groep. Food safety is guaranteed in every possible way from purchasing to production and from logistics to quality assurance. Huijbregts Groep is certified in accordance with the FSSC 22000 global standard and Risk Plaza.

The number of recently introduced process innovations includes, for example, the high-care rooms, in which the risk of cross-contamination has been completely eliminated. 


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